About Us

Setting highlights with experience and creativity

Light is more than just illumination. With the right kind of light you can create accents, set a positive mood, create a radiant atmosphere. As a specialist in interior and exterior light engineering, MODULEX GmbH has achieved a strong position in the international market. Beginning in 1995, Modulex’s experts and partners – lighting planners, designers, engineers, architects – have devoted their efforts to using light to enhance the appearance of living spaces and work environments, particularly in Eastern Europe, with high-quality and customized products. From purchasing and consulting to planning and completing projects both large and small, the Modulex team works hand-in-hand with its partners every step of the way. Furnishings from internationally renowned designers round out our selection of products.

Modulex-GmbH offers the following range of products and services

  • Interior and exterior lighting equipment
  • Industrial lighting
  • Illuminants
  • Designing, executing and assisting with lighting and electrical projects
  • Installation materials
  • Electrical equipment
  • Switchgear
  • Cable conduit systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation equipment
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Tools and safety installations
  • Developing projects for building services equipment
  • Ceiling, framework and panel systems
  • Residential, office and collapsible furniture
  • Storage, logistics and transport services

Products customised to individual needs

One need not always rely on standard products alone to achieve a harmonious combination. For interior decorating items, many customers aim for the perfect ensemble of design, size and colour elements or even individualised fabric coverings. MODULEX GmbH and its partners apply their know-how and creativity to give your indoor and outdoor spaces a radiantly attractive appearance. Many of the products used for our customers are custom-designed to emphasise the harmoniousness of the overall impression created.